4th Quarter Daily Lesson Log – GRADE 6

1. Teachers who have been in the service for more than two (2) years, private school experience included, shall not be required to prepare detailed lesson plans (DLPs). They may adopt the Daily Lesson Logs (DLLs) which contain the following entries:

  • Lesson as cited in the TG/TM reference materials with the page/s number;
  • Learners’ Material used such as Activity Sheets, Modules, other materials with the page number reference;
  • Remarks indicating number of learners within mastery level; number of learners needing enrichment/refinement lessons; and
  • Other activities include the interventions given to the pupils/ students who did not master the lesson(s) in the previous day.
2. Teachers with less than two (2) years teaching experience shall be required to prepare DLPs which shall include the following:
  • Objectives;
  • Subject Matter;
  • Procedure;
  • Assessment; and
  • Assignment.
3. Teachers may make modification of/or deviation from the TGs/TMs whenever necessary to suit the learners’ ability provided that the learning standards and competencies are met. They are encouraged to enhance the TGs to provide activities that will develop higher thinking skills.

4. DLPs/DLLs shall be written in the language of the TGs/TMs. Grade 1 teachers need not translate them to the Mother Tongue (MT). However, the use of MT as medium of instruction must be strictly followed.

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