Lesson Preparation Standards - Task-Based Learning Model

Lesson Preparation Standards - Task-Based Learning Model

The Department of Education Central Office presented several Lesson Preparation Standards or Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP) Preapration Mode appropriate to learning model or teaching strategy a teacher wants to implement. 

DLP Preparation and parts depend on any of the followings modes: Task-Based Learning Model, Problem=Based Learning Model, Inquiry-Based Learning Model, Explicit Teaching Model, and Experiential Learning Model - 4As.

Parts of Task-Based Learning Model

I. Learning Competencies
II. Content
III. Learning Resources
IV. Task-Based Learning (Procedure)

Pre-tasks Activity
A. Main Activity
B) Planning/ Analysis
C) Report

Language Focus and Feedbacj

V. Reflection
VI. Remarks

Sample DLP can be downloaded here.

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