Lesson Preparation Standards - Problem-Based Learning Model

Lesson Preparation Standards - Problem-Based Learning Model

The Department of Education Central Office presented several Lesson Preparation Standards or Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP) Preapration Mode appropriate to learning model or teaching strategy a teacher wants to implement. 

DLP Preparation and parts depend on any of the followings modes: Task-Based Learning Model, Problem-Based Learning Model, Inquiry-Based Learning Model, Explicit Teaching Model, and Experiential Learning Model - 4As.

Parts of Problem-Based Learning Model

I. Learning Competencies
II. Content
III. Learning Resources
IV. problem-Based Learning (Procedure)

Present the Problem
Define the Problem and Brainstorm
Independent study
Sharing of Information and Working with Solution
presentation of Learning
Process review

V. Reflection
VI. Remarks

Sample DLP can be downloaded here.

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