SRI is real, check your ATM

SRI is real; check your ATM

Some teachers from various places posted on their social media accounts that they have already received their Service Recognition Incentive (SRI) for 2021. 

According to some posts, they received an amount of Php 7,000 through their ATM accounts.

Undersecretary Annalyn M. Sevilla said DepEd would give its employees first the amount of P7,000 SRI and write DBM for the remaining Php 3,000.

Today the distribution of SRI to DepEd employees continues.

Check your ATM; you might be the next to receive the SRI.

DepEd CO was only able to generate 7B for the SRI, so each employee will receive 7K. However, those with salary grades 15 and up will not receive the whole 7K because their SRI will already be taxed. The tax deducted is determined by the salary and additional benefits received throughout the year, such as the CNA, PBB, mid-year and year-end bonuses, PEI, etc.

SRI 2021 will form part of the Other Personnel Benefits (OPB). If the OPB already exceeded non-taxable ceiling, SRI will be taxable, otherwise, it will not be subjected to withholding taxes.

Here is the list of divisions that received already their SRI as of this posting:

According to Usec. Annalyn M. Sevilla, the Php 7,000 SRI shall be released first to all qualified DepEd employees chargeable to own PS/MOOE savings.

DepEd will write the DBM about the efficiency of 3k per employee.

HERE is the update from Usec. Annalyn M. Sevilla on the release of SRI 2021 for teachers:

SRI 2021 is NOW approved by PRRD thru AO45.

Agencies are allowed to grant SRI max of 10k/eligible employee but chargeable to own PS/MOOE savings.

DepEd was only able to generate 7B PS savings and none from MOOE since MOOE is continuing  until 2022.

We will pay first 7k, and then write to DBM about the deficiency of 3K/employee.

The initial 7k/employee is even higher than last year’s Php6,192/employee… hope we can get additional 3B to cover remaining 3k… we will work this out with DBM asap.

This update was posted by Usec. Sevilla in her Facebook Page on December 27.

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