E-book: An Easy Guide To Teachers Action Research

E-book: An Easy Guide To Teachers Action Research

What are the Benefits of Doing Action Research?

Here are some benefits of Action research.
First, it will allow the teachers to understand their students. 
She can recognize and diagnose their work and predict why different classroom scenario happen that way. For instance, if the students failed to submit paper works, the teacher know exactly why that is so. It will be easy for the teacher to notice difficulties the students encounter. 

Secondly, the teacher can assess whether her teaching works is acceptable or need improvement. 
Do they need to undergo more trainings or perhaps help others to improve theirs? 
Doing so can increase school collaboration and feedback between teachers. 

Third is to make their craft tailor fit to the needs of their students. 
Why a method that works for one school didn’t so well to another school? 
The answer is that different classroom needs different teaching approaches. 

Action Research can fulfill such by making your solution fits perfectly to one own problems. 

Fourth reasons is the accumulation of different knowledge related to the task. 
By doing research, one can gain so much information that she can use in teaching. 

Fifth reason is about being less dependent to other teachers because you can now solve your own problem using it.

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