Sample of Narrative and Accomplishment Report of Brigada Eskwela 2019

Sample of Narrative and Accomplishment Report of Brigada Eskwela 2019


May 20-25, 2019


The school is an institution which is responsible in molding the learners into a responsible individual in the society. This is where one is crafted into a better person, who will be an emblem of the kind of learning center where he was raised.The multifarious concern of school demands working with others to accomplish designed tasks and objectives. These would need dedicated school personnel, cooperative parents, accountable community and innovative learners.

Educators believe that environment plays a big part in students’ learning. And so, if classrooms are not conducive to learning because of poor condition and some defective school facilities, education is hindered. The Department of Education conducted this year’s Brigada Eskwela, also known as the National Schools Maintenance Week (DepEd Memorandum No. __) on 
May 20-25, 2019 where all education stakeholders contributed their time, effort and resources in ensuring that the school facilities are ready in time for the school opening. 

As early as March, teachers of Ilocos Sur NHS recruited volunteers who would participate in the brigade. Parents, school alumni and other people from the community were encouraged to join the week - long annual program. Since no national government money was put into Brigada Eskwela, private businesses, NGO’s, private individuals and local government were tapped to solicit donations to cover the effort of repair and maintenance of the school. 

It was on April when the school physical facilities coordinator and some PTA members performed a school ocular to identify the school facilities that need repair and maintenance. After this, the steering committee planned different school’s activities for Brigada Eskwela.

Early morning of May 19, the teachers of Ilocos Sur NHS held a parade that signaled the start of Brigada Eskwela. After the parade a short program followed. The presence of different groups of volunteers was acknowledged. 

Short orientation about the mechanics of the 6-day activity was given by the Brigda coordinator. Finally the opening of the Brigada Eskwela was announced. The willing, ready and able brigade included eager teachers, enthusiastic parents, excited students, and other concerned people of the community.

Amidst the growing population of the school is the completion of school’s facilities to improve the learning status and physical development around the vicinity of the campus. The goal to attain quality education faces the strong demand of meeting the needs of the learners. Yet, it’s a fact to shoulder responsibilities by making the institution a well-improved destination to visit.

On the first day of the week – long brigade, the Department of Technology and Livelihood Education was assigned to clean the backyard of the DTambayan Building which is located in front of the covered court. 

As the head of the school Dr. Frial ensures that the volunteers and teachers under him were doing their assigned work by leading it all the way. 

On the other hand, Dr. Cortez, School Brigada Coordinator so after the assigned area was cleaned and organized, he went and conducts his plans to clean the Computer Room. He first asked  the school guard, to remove the curtains covering the walls of the room and other volunteer to remove the computer covers and she can bring it home and wash. He stepped on chairs to remove spider webs and dust on the walls and ceiling.

On the following days, he continued his assignments. He eliminated unnecessary papers from the past school years; sweep the floor in and out of the room for the second day. 

While on Day 3, he starts to clean and remove the dust from the computers to make the room more refreshing for the incoming school year, she also deletes unnecessary files so the computers would be work faster for taking commands. 

While on the 4th Day of the brigade, he asked Mr. Raqueno for paints and repaints the walls in front of the Computer Room and the wall of the corridor adjacent to the room for better atmosphere and to bring enthusiasm while the learners are encouraged to be well-equipped with technical know-how; applied floor wax so the floor would look as good as new students will come and use the room for study.

May 20, Saturday was the last day of the week – long activity of the Brigada Eskwela, Mr. Cortez again asked the help of the school guard to put back the curtains and hang it on the walls of the room; she also put back the covers of the computer to prevent dust to harm it. Through the overwhelming support of the volunteers, the classrooms are restructured and spruced up. All school facilities are now in good condition. The school surrounding is now free from tall grasses. 

Generally, the school is now ready for the school opening. Evidences for the week long activity are attached herewith.

Accomplishment and Monitoring Report of Brigada Eskwela 2019 - DOWNLOAD SAMPLE
Narrative Report of Brigada Eskwela 2019 - DOWNLOAD SAMPLE


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