Buko juice is 2019 Palarong Pambansa's official sports drink

Buko juice is 2019 Palarong Pambansa's official sports drink

For a change, coconut water – locally known as "buko juice" – is the annual Palarong Pambansa's official sports drink this year.

The lowly "Buko" will take the centerstage and hog the limelight as the "Official Energy Drink" of the National Sports Competition or Palarong Pambansa set last week of April in Davao City, marking a historic milestone in the efforts of the coconut industry to promote it as a health and energy drink.
Coconut farmer-leader Laureano Callao, Jr. said his group has started talks with the organising committee of the Palarong Pambansa for the launching of the "Buko Vida Kiosk" on April 29 in the Palarong Pambansa 2019 to be held at the University of the Philippines (UP) Mindanao Campus in Mintal District, Davao City.

Thousands are expected to join hundreds of young athletes from all over the country who will compete in the annual sports festival which produced sports greats like Lydia de Vega and Elma Muros.

This year's Palarong Pambansa will also feature indigenous sports which coincides with the introduction of an indigenous product, "Buko," as the official energy drink.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) will support the efforts of the coconut farmers to introduce Coconut Water as the official energy drink by extending a loan fund to be used in buying fresh young coconuts from farmers.

The DA and the Philippine Coconut Authority have been promoting "Coconut Water" and "Buko" as a health drink and food as part of the program to provide additional income to coconut farmers all over the country.

With low prices of Coconut Oil in the world market and an oversupply of copra locally, farmers have complained of very little income from their coconuts.

The DA has initiated the opening of the Eastern European Market for coconut products and is promoting the consumption of "Buko" locally to help ease the oversupply.

All DA offices now serve Coconut Water during its meetings and gatherings and PCA Regional Offices, including the PCA Central Office, have established outlets for "Buko" sale.

The entry of "Buko" or Coconut Water in the sports scene could boost the sale of young coconuts.

Coconut water is known to have the following qualities according to health experts:

"Here are 8 health benefits of coconut water.
1. Good Source of Several Nutrients
2. May Have Antioxidant Properties
3. May Have Benefits Against Diabetes
4. May Help Prevent Kidney Stones
5. May Support Heart Health
6. May Reduce Blood Pressure
7. Beneficial After Prolonged Exercise
8. Delicious Source of Hydration

If only half of 108-million population would drink coconut water once a week, the coconut industry could sell at least 2.6-billion young coconuts every year.

The current nut production of the coconut industry is at 15-billion.

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