Quick Guide on How to Prepare SFCRs and the List Primary Reports with Validation Strategy

by: Sir Jonas Diche

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List of Primary Reports and How to Validate
Step 1. SF1 vis-à-vis Birth Certificate/Equivalent document
Step 2. SF4 (no. of currently enrolled) vis-à-vis no. of Learners in SF5. If mismatched, validate list of learners in SF5 vis-à-vis  SF2. 

Only learners that currently enrolled /warm bodies must be reflected in SF5. SF6 and SF4 must be tallied with the no. of Currently Enrolled Learners (warm bodies)

Step 3. SF5 vis-à-vis SF10 (SF1 can be used to validate LRN in SF5). If mismatched on Gen. Ave /Action Taken, validate computation of grades as appeared in SF9 or Class Record
Certificate/Diploma for appropriate grade level is also included in the checking
Important note to DCC: Do not require SCC of additional report/forms such as SF3, SF 8, list of graduates, ranking of honors among others.

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