Active users of DepEd SIM to receive DepEd349 load

Update on DepEd SIM
Deactivation of Unused Sims and Reallocation of Load

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19 November 2021

Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Regional and Division Supply Officers
School Property Custodians All Others Concerned


Deactivation of Unused Sims and Reallocation of Load

For information and guidance:

The DepEd Sim Card and Connectivity Load Program for the 1M Employees and Teachers for Learning Delivery has remaining load waiting to be dispensed.

Based on data capture, there are a total of 154,279 sim cards with load that were unused from July to present. These are loaded with peso value amount of unused load airtime credits subject to wastage if unused.

All Employees are given a final notice of grace period of seven (7) calendar days from issuance of this memorandum to activate their DepEd Connectivity sim Cards with load. If not activated by the said date, inactive recipients will be delisted from the program and their load will be distributed to active users. Unused sim cards will be deactivated for security and data privacy, and the unused load airtime credits will be re-allocated to existing users. Non-usage is considered forfeiture of the load benefit, hence the delisting, deactivation of sim and re-distribution to other recipients.

• Heavy users will be prioritized in the load reallocation.

Implementation of the load reallocation shall commence seven (7) calendar days from issuance of this memorandum. An SMS prompt will be sent to recipient as: "Good News! As an active & heavy user of DEPED SIM CARD, you will receive a free DEPED349 Load."

For compliance.

ALAIN DEL B. PASCUA Undersecretary

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