Teachers expect to receive chalk allowances starting May 20

Teachers expect to receive chalk allowances starting May 20

As of June 1, 2019, some public school teachers have already received their chalk allowances. amounting to Php 3,500.00, the same amount received from the previous school year.  For those who have not yet received the said allowance, expect until next week or in time with the opening of the school year. 

Teachers in public schools are expecting to receive their cash allowances popularly known as chalk allowance starting May 20, 2019 until the start of the school year for the purchase of chalk, pens, erasers, cartolinas and other instructional materials.

The Accounting  and Human Resource Management Offices of some schools division offices have already prepared payroll and form 7 of their schools based on the submitted list of personnel during the Mid-year bonus last May 15, 2019.  

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School heads must submit the names of the newly hired teachers not included in the list to facilitate the crediting of the chalk allowance amounting to P3,500 to the ATM accounts of teaching personnel.

Only teaching items are entitled with chalk allowance. The payroll is strictly based on mantilla.

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