Installation and activation of Free Classpoint Pro

Installation and activation of Free Classpoint Pro

Create Interactive Quiz in powerPoint using Classpoint

What is Classpoint?

Go interactive today with your PowerPoint and become a superhero.

Designed for every teacher.

On this page, we will give detailed instructions on how to install and avail the free registration Key for Classpoint.

What's included in ClassPoint Pro?

  • Unlimited questions per PPT
  • 200 max class size
  • Quiz competition
  • Leader board
  • Slide annotation
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Export leader board as CSV
  • Premium support

Here are the steps on how to install and set up your Free Classpoint Pro

1. Download Classpoint from the official website: https://www. classpoint. io/
Your download should automatically start within seconds. If it doesn't, try again.

2. Install
Install and get ClassPoint working in your PowerPoint.

3. Sign up
Creating a free account is quick and easy. Sign up right from within PowerPoint.

4, Activation

Click Upgrade to Pro.

Click ENTER Product Key

Please use this code to claim your free Classpoint Pro: 0VDEQ5NFXH


You now have a Free Classpoint Pro for 30 days.

Special thanks to ClassPoint Philippines Community for providing this key to all teachers who attended the webinar.

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