Criteria and Requirements for Acquiring a DepEd Adobe Software License

Criteria and Requirements for Acquiring a DepEd Adobe Software License

The Information and Communications Technology Service-Educational Technology Unit (ICTS-EdTech), in collaboration with Creative Nation Academy headed by Mr. Rollan Bañez, will conduct a free webinar session for public school teachers in relation to prepare them in taking the Adobe Certified Educator (ACE) Level 1.

Our industry is promoting awareness and development of more creatives that will be beneficial not only for classroom instruction but also raising the qualification and professional growth of an individual. The Department of Education will provide a total of 83,000 Adobe software licenses for qualified public school teachers, who meet the requirements of the program. These teachers will be given a named license under his/her DepEd email address.

DepEd Adobe Software License

This activity offers open registration but only applicable for DepEd personnel. The session is a bichronous learning activity and will be aired on the following social media accounts on 18 September 2021 at 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.:

Qualifications for the Program:
1. A teaching personnel handling any subject or grade level.
2. A school personnel who has supervisory roles such as Head Teacher and Principal.
3. Must have a DepEd email address. (For new teachers without DepEd email address, please contact your School ICT Coordinator.)
4. An applicant can use the school email address if it is under the DepEd domain.
5. Passed the Adobe Certified Educator (ACE) Level 1.

1. For asynchronous learning, teachers must enroll in the DepEd Professional Development Learning Management System with URL to access the webinar copy of the session. The participant must follow the guide and accomplish the needed task at the Adobe Education Exchange website.

2. For synchronous learning, teachers must watch via live streaming in the DepEd EdTech Unit YouTube Channel or DepEd EdTech Unit Facebook Page. The participant must follow the guide and accomplish the needed task at the Adobe Education Exchange website.

3. Participants must accomplish the task in Adobe Education Exchange website to get the ACE Level 1. Once passed, the screenshot must be uploaded and submitted using the

4. Click Site Home and look for DepEd Adobe License Distribution Program

5. Attach a screenshot from the Adobe Education Exchange website indicating that you passed the ACE Level 1. As reference, see screenshot below.

6. Attach a screenshot of the email message sent by Adobe declaring that you passed ACE Level 1. As a reference, see the screenshot below.

7. Take note that an applicant must submit two (2) screenshots: one from Adobe Education Exchange and the other one from the email message sent. Save these screenshots in a pdf file format.

8. Take the examination in to activate your digital Certificate of Participation and as a requirement in claiming an Adobe License. A participant must get a perfect score from a set of randomized questions.

Claiming of Adobe Licenses:

1. Applicants will be given enough time to prepare and get the ACE Level 1. This certification is a requirement and a ticket to receive the DepEd Adobe named licenses. The document will be monitored and reviewed by the Program Lead headed by Mr. Alvin Sy and Mr. Neil Arvin Bautista. The last day for submission of ACE Level 1 certification is on 31 December 2021.

2. The list of ACE Level 1 passers will be forwarded to Mr. Mark Anthony C. Sy.

The distribution of licenses will commence on 10 January 2022. All indicated in the list will receive an email notification from Adobe informing the activation of their respective accounts.

3. Since there are only 83,000 licenses available, it will be on a first come first serve basis. Those who have sent their proof of qualification and a passer of ACE Level 1 earlier can assure a spot as a recipient and will be processed immediately.
4. The daily count of available licenses will be reflected in the Facebook Page of the ICTS-EdTech.

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