Release of PBB 2019 Updates as of May 21

Release of PBB 2019 Updates as of May 21

The final validation of the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) for Fiscal Year 2019 has come to its end and good news for all the teaching and non-teaching forces, for next week DBM will start releasing fifteen (15) regions amounting to 65 percent for best schools and 50 percent as the minimum. (credits: Shiela Lim Manuel, ASSERT-NCR) 

PBB is an incentive given to government employees in accordance to their performance and contribution to the accomplishment of their agency’s overall targets and commitments. The AO25 Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) sets specific conditions and reviews the agency’s compliance and accomplishments within a fiscal year to determine the eligibility of the agency and its personnel to receive PBB.

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Grade 1-12, 1st to 4th Quarter Self-Learning Modules (SLM)

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