Deped issues Guidelines in Classroom Structuring in Public Schools

Pursuant to existing Regional and Division Memorandum aligned with Deped Memorandum and Deped Orders, here are the Guidelines in Classroom Structuring in Public Schools.

For purposes of uniformity here are the following classroom structuring guidelines:

1. A signboard is posted showing the following identification the entrance of the room: Grade/Year and Section occupying the room, name of the teacher handling the class

2. A framed copy of the class program is displayed on the door to the classroom at adult-eye-level

3. On the wall (that is, the wall facing the class), the classroom chalkboard is located
a. properly framed
b. with chalk ledge
c. with curtains
d. installed at a height which is in accordance with the maximum comfortable reach of the children to the top of the board

4. Above the chalkboard, a framed portrait of the President of the Philippines shall be displayed prominently at the center

5. Flanked on one side at a lower level is a framed photo )foe the month or week) and on the other side by a framed picture preferrably relevant to the motto.

6. The bulletin boards and tack boards, as well as charts, are placed on the walls at the sides or at the back of the room

7. The attendance chartand the Deped forms rack at the center of the room

8. The teachers table and chair is located at the rear of the room.

9. One corner of te room is set up as a reading corner.

10. Another corner of the room is set up as a health corner

11. Above the chalkboard, a framed copy of the National anthem and shall be displayed at the upper left corner.

12.Above the chalkboard, a framed copy of the Pledge of Allegiance tp the Philippine Flag

13. A classroom-based data on BEIS to be placed on the walls at the sides or at the back of the room which contains the following modules:

Basic Education Information System Boards - DOWNLOAD

  • Module A - STUDENTS’ EIS (Students’ Profile)
  • Module B - TEACHERS’ EIS (Organizational Chart of DepEd officials, School Officials,Profile of a Teacher and Subject teachers)
  • Module C - CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT (K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum)
  • Module D - LEGISLATIVE(Rights of a Child, School and Classroom Policies)
  • Module F - Finance
  • Module G - Community Involvement
  • Module H - Research and Evaluation
Regional Memorandum No. 15, s 2013 re. Classroom Structuring - DOWNLOAD
Educational facilities Manual 2010 (revised Edition of the 2007 Handbook on Education Facilities)
RA No. 8491 - An Act prescribing the Code of the National Flag, Anthem